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Tangazo is a meeting place where we share ideas and explore efforts to improve our human conditions and quite simply make our lives better. All are welcome, none will be judged, but all are challenged to look beyond ourselves and our notions of how others think about issues of cultural​,​ political and social significance. We are building bridges of communication between the many groups that make up the St​. L​ouis Metropolitan Region by sharing and reflecting on the stories and lives of a diverse group of guests.

Host and Producer: Hank Thompson
Guest Hosts: Tim Person, Rev. Darryl Gray & Mike Jones
Technical Producers: Kevin Melter, Frankie Meixner, Ryan Voelkel, Jeron Wilson, Matt Patston, Jon Valley

Mar 11, 2023

Last night I was treated to a cup of Carla Coffee Wright and an Alisha Sonnier, two dynamic candidates, for seats on the StLouis Board of Aldermen. ———

Wright, is a well known social justice activist and advocate for numerous causes, including the restoration of North StLouis and wants more funding and more attention paid to supporting small businesses in the new 11th ward. 
Carla, say’s hundreds of home owner’s in the ward, are in desperate need of grants,in the range of three to four thousand dollars for home repairs.
Coffee is a strong supporter of the embattled StLouis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner and one the organizers for the “Women’s March and Rally,” for Kim Gardner scheduled for Sunday, March 12th at the downtown StLouis Old Courthouse, at 11am. ——-

StLouis public school board member, Alisha Sonnier, is running for the aldermanic seat in the newly drawn 7th Ward, in south central StLouis. 
She is another young activist inspired by the 2014 murder of Mike Brown, in Ferguson Missouri. ———

She has numerous endorsements from elected officials and labor unions, along with pro choice organizations. ———

Sonnier, is very impressive with a thorough grasp of the concerns and issues, of the 7th ward. ———-

She’s committed to having solidarity, with other African American alder persons, on issues of importance, to the black community. ———

Alisha Sonnier, like Coffee Wright, is opposed to any efforts by the state, to remove StLouis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner from office. ———

Two dynamic, well qualified candidates for you to consider, when casting your ballots for seats on the StLouis Board of Aldermen, in the 11th and 7th wards, in the April 4th General Election. ———