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Tangazo is a meeting place where we share ideas and explore efforts to improve our human conditions and quite simply make our lives better. All are welcome, none will be judged, but all are challenged to look beyond ourselves and our notions of how others think about issues of cultural​,​ political and social significance. We are building bridges of communication between the many groups that make up the St​. L​ouis Metropolitan Region by sharing and reflecting on the stories and lives of a diverse group of guests.

Host and Producer: Hank Thompson
Guest Hosts: Tim Person, Rev. Darryl Gray & Mike Jones
Technical Producers: Kevin Melter, Frankie Meixner, Ryan Voelkel, Jeron Wilson, Matt Patston, Jon Valley

Apr 13, 2023

In all my years of broadcasting, I was always determined to not be a race baiter, someone who had nothing else to talk about other than racism and racial matters. ——-

I was mentored as a young man by former Missouri Congressman Bill Clay sr., who never retreated not one inch, from his duty and obligation to uplift his black community, it was his strength! ——-

He was indeed an inspirational leader and source of great pride, for African Americans in both StLouis city and StLouis county. ——-

That was then and this is now, there is no longer inspirational leadership for the African American community of any kind, especially in the city, with the exception perhaps of StLouis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner. ——-

Organizations that once led the way come election time such as the NAACP, Clergy Coalition and other black institutions that made black voter participation a priority, have virtually ceased to exist in StLouis city. ———

As was illustrated in the pitiful turnout of black voters in the recent held General Election, in StLouis city. ———
The attack on black elected officials by the so called, “ Progressives” is relentless and is aided by black opportunistic, self serving would be leaders, in StLouis city and StLouis county. ———

Virtually every African American office holder with an independent voice and unwillingness to be dictated to by white,”Progressives” has been targeted. 
A trend that we fully expect to continue, in StLouis city, for sure!
That list includes StLouis County Councilwoman Rita Days, StLouis Alderwoman Sharon Tyus, Alderwoman Tina Pihls and now StLouis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. ——-

We covered a lot a territory during last evening’s taping of the Kdhx Podcast Tangazo, where I was joined in studio by my cohost Tim Person, social justice activist Attorney, Jerryl Christmas and Attorney Jerry Hunter, Chairman of the StLouis Board of Elections Commission. ———

Robert Green, a north side neighborhood activist, discussed his efforts to organize the city’s 14th ward, while expressing his dismay with the choices that were available, for aldermen of his ward. ——