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Tangazo is a meeting place where we share ideas and explore efforts to improve our human conditions and quite simply make our lives better. All are welcome, none will be judged, but all are challenged to look beyond ourselves and our notions of how others think about issues of cultural​,​ political and social significance. We are building bridges of communication between the many groups that make up the St​. L​ouis Metropolitan Region by sharing and reflecting on the stories and lives of a diverse group of guests.

Host and Producer: Hank Thompson
Guest Hosts: Tim Person, Rev. Darryl Gray & Mike Jones
Technical Producers: Kevin Melter, Frankie Meixner, Ryan Voelkel, Jeron Wilson, Matt Patston, Jon Valley

Jun 21, 2022

I’m feeling proud of the great panel that assembled last evening to record the KDHX podcast Tangazo. ——

One misguided would-be leader, once referred to St. Louis county African American elected officials,  recognizing their common responsibility as “tribal politics,” I was astounded by that response from a well-respected black man, here in the 21st century! ———

The old notion that “white ice is colder than black ice” is still prevalent amongst some black leaders who claim to be so “woke” but will turn their backs on other black elected officials, who dare to stand up for the communities they represent. ———

Savvy St. Louis County Council Chairwoman, Senator Rita Heard Days, St. Louis County Council Vice Chairwoman, Shalonda Webb and Mo. State Senator Brian Williams, joined me last evening for some of the most interesting and insightful conversations, on the responsibilities of black elected officials, that I have had in a long time! ———

There was much discussion on the need for voter education on new state election laws heading into the November midterm elections. ———

We spent a lot of time talking about the importance of voters, especially black voters, having confidence in their elected officials and the disappointment that we all felt, for the recently indicted black officials in St. Louis city and county.

We spent most of our time talking about the collaboration between St. Louis County Council Chairman Days, Stlouis County Council Vice Chairman, Shalonda Webb and Mo. State Senator Brian Williams. 

Their ability to work together has been a great benefit to St. Louis County, especially North St. Louis County. Senator Williams has helped secure close to 100 million dollars in funding for north county projects, including the demolition of the Jamestown Mall Complex, which will free up around one hundred forty acres, of prime land for development in far North County.  A new north county recreational center and much-needed renovations to the campus of the UMSL are just some of the benefits, these 3 St. Louis County African American elected officials, are working on together for the betterment of St. Louis County, including North St. Louis County. Tribal politics indeed! ——- 

Produced by Sasha Hay for KDHX